Budapest Sights

Budapest is a relatively big city and it is impossible to get all the sights listed on one page. Both Buda and Pest side has lots of attractions from the past from which you can find a selection of the must-see places. Of course there are some places which are less known for an average tourist and I couldn't resist the temptation to include some of them.  

Saint Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest

Saint Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest

It is the biggest Roman Catholic church in Budapest. The building work started in 1851 by the designer and architect Joseph Hild in classical style. He coordinated the work until his death in 1867. After that another respected architect took his job, called Miklos Ybl, who continued Hild’s work and added neo-renaissance elements. Ybl finished the building but due to his death he could not finish the decorative work inside the church. This was done by Joseph Kauser and in 1905 the basilica was consecrated.

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Heroes’ Square, Budapestheroes square budapest

Heroes’ Square is on the Pest side of Budapest and it is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. The square was built for the 1896 Millenium celebrations to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of the arrival of Hungarian tribes in the Carpathian basin. Every part of the monument plays tribute to important personalities and events in Hungarian history.

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Buda Castle, Budapest
Buda Castle

Buda Castle is situated on Castle Hill on the Buda side of Budapest. It is in Varnegyed, a district famous for its medieval, baroque and 19th century houses and buildings. Buda Castle has been a World Heritage site since 1987.

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Szemlo Cave
szemlo cave budapest

Szemlohegyi Cave is not a very well-known sight in Budapest but it is worth visiting. It was recently renewed and is only about 20 minutes drive from the centre of Budapest. The tour in the cave takes about 40 minutes and you do not have to walk on rocks, pebbles or in water and there are lights everywhere. If you visit the cave in hot weather make sure you take a sweater as the temperature is only 12 Celsius/56 Fahrenheit!

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parliament budapest

The Parliament Building

Parliament building can be found on the Pest side of Budapest right on the riverbank, in the centre. It is like a counterweight to the royal palace on the other side.  It is easy to notice it as it is an enormous building, 268 metres long and 123 metres wide. The tallest point of the Parliament is the dome, which is 96 metres high. It was designed by Imre Steindl and  built between 1885 and 1904 in eclectic style. Before that there was no place where the Hungarian diet could have held its sessions, politicians gathered in parts of the country which was not occupied.

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