Eating out in Budapest


onixOne of the two Michelin star restaurants, Onyx is situated right in the middle of Budapest in Vorosmarty square.  Due to its central location and being in walking distance from most international hotels you can find many international and well-known dishes ont he menu. Besides, using fresh Hungarian ingredients you can also taste typical Hungarian dishes prepared by new technology with a little twist.
You can also choose from 200 different wine and if you would like only a glass you can select from 16 types thanks to the special vacuum storage system.
A two course lunch costs 3490 HUF, a three-course lunch is 3990 HUF.

It is advisable to book a table in advance as Onyx is quite popular. Onyx is a non-smoking restaurant and small children are not very welcome and pets are not allowed in Onyx. As it is in a pedestrian area if you arrive by car you can only leave it in a parking garage in Vorosmarty Office Building but only up to 3 hours. Dress code at lunchtime is business casual and semi-formal in the evening.  A 15% service fee will be charged on your bill!
Onyx restaurant is open for lunch between 12 and 2 p.m. and for dinner from 6:30 to 11 p.m. The restaurant is closed on Sunday and Monday.


soup bar budapestLeves Bar (Soup Bar) in Budapest is a place where you can eat extremely tasty and also very cheap food. As its name suggests they are very strong at soups. Snacks, desserts and cookies are also sold and they are equally good. Prices  for soup and 15 cm toast is 790 HUF and soup and 30 cm toast is 990 HUF. Soup is served in a cup so you can eat it either in the street or at the counter in the shop. It is a tiny little shop but very good value. 9th district in Budapest, 2 Pipa street.

kisbuda gyöngyeKisbuda Gyongye can be found in the 3rd district in Budapest. This elegant, turn of the XIX.-XX. century atmosphere restaurant is an ideal place to have a relaxed peaceful lunch or dinner. Decorated with antique furniture, crystal glasses, paintings you feel as if you travelled back in time. It is a very well known eatery, popular among politicians, stars, businessmen and people who like eating  in exceptional places. You can try traditional Hungarian food and also more modern dishes in a very special restaurant.

central kávéház budapestCenral Kavezo (Central Cafe) is a popular meeting point in Budapest. You can start your day here wih a cup of coffee and snacks, or eat your lunch, have a glass of wine before an evening in the theatre or have dinner. The goal of Central Cafe is to restore the tradition of grand cafes of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.  You can get a taste of what it could have been like in those days. Traditional meals with a modern twist right int he middle of Budapest. Between noon and 3 p.m. you can have a 2 course meal for 1300 HUF or a three course one for 1700 HUF. Budapest, 9 Karolyi Mihaly street.

Ruin Pubs

ruins pub budapestIf you want to experience something unique you should visit one of the ruinpubs in Budapest. These pubs are the coolest places to have a snack and a drink. They are converted from old run-down houses and factory buildings. The furniture is usually very retro but that’s the only thing in common in ruinpubs. Each of them is a unique place with a distinctive design.  These places are not only pubs but often function as cultural community centres with different performances, concerts, film clubs or exhibitions. These places are extremely popular not only among Hungarian people but tourists also love them. Most of them can be found in 7th district but there are some around the most well known tourist attractions. Here are some of the best known pubs. Don’t miss visiting at least one of them if you are in Budapest!

szimpla kert budapestSzimpla kert is one of the first ruinpubs in Budapest. You can find it at 14 Kazinczy street. It is very popular, there are films, concerts and exhibitions. The designers paid attention to every little detail and you can play table-football there. It is very often overcrowded and you can meet lots of very loud foreign students there.

corvin tető budapest pubCorvin teto, another special place. It is on the roof  terrace of former Corvin department store. You can reach the roof in a lift accompanied by a liftman or on the stairs and have a look at the original graffities and stickers  on the walls. From the top there is a magnificent view of Budapest and you can listen to concerts or dance at parties. From autumn to spring you can visit the pub below the roof but when the weather is good you can party in the fresh air above Budapest. Budapest, 1-2 Blaha Lujza square.

köleves kert budapest pubKoleves kert (Stone soup garden) is only open in summer, it opens in May, 2012. The garden looks like a big playground with swings and other toys so you can visit the place with kids in the afternoon. It is also very popular among Dance Academy students from across the road. In the evenings a very relaxed almost peaceful atmosphere is created when people talk over their  drinks in the middle of Budapest. Not recommended in high heels as the place is covered in a thick layer of  pebbles. Budapest, 37-39 Kazinczy street.

tündérgyár pub budapestTundergyar (Fairy Factory) is situated int he 9th district of Budapest. There are lots of people arriving on bikes and there are plenty of spaces to leave them. If you have problems with them the staff will be able to help fix it. Food and drinks are at very reasonable prices. Nothing special but good quality. In case of rain or bad weather the beasement is a perfect place to go. Concerts and exhibitions are also frequently organised there. Budapest, 22 Tuzolto street.