Heroes' Square - Budapest

In the middle of the square you can see a 36 metres high Corinthian column. On top of the column there is Gabriel Archangel as the symbol of the Roman Catholic Church. Around the column there are equestrian statues of the seven Hungarian chieftains who led their tribes to the Carpathian basin around 896. Around the square there are two semi circles with the symbolic statues of War and Peace, Work and Welfare and Knowledge and Glory on top. In the semi circles inside the niches there are statues of kings and significant characters from Hungarian history.

Among them you can find King Stephen I. who was the first king and introduced Christianity in Hungary. He is also known as the founder of the state. The biggest celebration of King Stephen is on 20th August when even the Holy Right is taken out from St Stephen Basilica in a procession.

The statue of King Matthias can also be found there who was a very strong and powerful king and made Buda the cultural centre of the Renessaince Europe in the 15th century. He appears in many Hungarian folk tales as Matthias the Just and he is one of the most popular heroes of Hungarian folklore.

In front of the column there is the Hungarian War Memorial commemorating people who died for the independence of Hungary.

On two sides of the square there are two museums, one of them is the Museum of Fine Arts and the other is the Hall of Art. In both places you can see permanent and temporary exhibitions of Hungarian and international artists.

The easiest way to get to Heroes' square is by the Milleneum underground. Get off at Hosok tere/ Heroes' square

Heroes' Square

You can also walk along Andrassy street which is a World Heritage site and at the end of Andrassy street you will find Heroes' square.

Heroes' Square

The square itself shows famous historacla figures but it is also worth visiting the two museums on two sides of the square.

Heroes' Square

You can combine visiting Heroes' square with Budapest Zoo and Botanical garden, the city park, Budapest Circus and the Amusement Park.

Heroes' Square

In the City Park you can find Vajdahunyad Castle but if you need to refresh yourself you can also visit Szechenyi spa, situated in the City Park too.

Heroes' Square Vajdahunyad

Heroes' square is a place of many different things among them filming. Some scenes of Die Hard 5 were shot here.

Heroes' Square Die Hard

If you are lucky you can meet Bruce Willis in Budapest I could only spot a Russian newsagent during the filming of Die Hard 5.

Heroes' Square Die Hard